Karaganda State Medical University
Medicine and Ecology
Medicine of new generation
15 September 2016
From May 31 to July 4, 2016 we, 4 year students of the specialty "General Medicine", passed a professional practice "Assistant of the attending physician" in Novosibirsk. In addition to the invaluable experience and new knowledge acquired within the practical training, we also participated in conferences of the international importance.
Week of Sports
14 September 2016
Second week of September was full of notable events in KSMU. Sports Club of KSMU, together with the Department of Youth Affairs and Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Training arranged the activities called “Week of Sports”.
Participation in «Summer Meeting 2016» (Dublin, Ireland)
13 September 2016
From July 26 to August 2, 2016, the International Congress «Critical Surgical Abdomen Consensus Conference» was held in the city of Dublin, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, in which took part PhD-students of Karaganda State Medical University Matyushko Dmitriy and Badyrov Ruslan. The organizers of the Congress is the World Society of Emergency Surgery.
18th International Conference on Forensic Medicine
09 September 2016
22-23 August in Paris was held the Annual International Conference on Forensic Medicine «ICFS 2016: 18th International Conference on Forensic Sciences», which is the forum for the exchange of scientific intellectual information and the basis for presentation of advanced researches.
Innovative technologies in clinical practice
22 August 2016
On 08-12 August 2016 at Karaganda State Medical University was held a master class for anaesthesiologists and resuscitators, ambulance and hospital workers, obstetrician-gynecologists, surgeons, traumatologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons, cardiologists, physicians, nephrologists, specialists in extracorporeal detoxification, transfusiologists and infectiologists of healthcare organizations of Karaganda and Karaganda region
Good luck, graduate 2016
08 August 2016
In 2015-2016 academic year at the faculty of "Preventive Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy" were prepared 161 graduates of the specialty "Public Health", "Medical and preventive care ", "Pharmacy" and "Nursing".
Master’s students final attestation
08 August 2016
In 2015-2016 academic year 44 master’s students on different specialties such as: "Medicine", "Nursing", "Public health care", "Pharmacy", "Technology of pharmaceutical production", "Medico-preventive case" and "Biology" finished the course of training and successfully protected their thesis in the scientific and pedagogical and profile directions.
Excursion into the past.
28 July 2016
On the 6th of July 2016, the Department of obstetrics and gynecology had a visit to the museum of memory of victims of political repressions of the Dolinka village, Karaganda region. The museum is located in a big two-story building which is a former main administration house. It is built in 1933 by prisoners and designed in the strict style of Stalin neoclassicism.
16 September 2016
Defense of the dissertation work for a degree of the doctor of philosophy (PhD) of Matyushko Dmitriy Nikolayevich on the subject "The Pathophysiological and pathomorphological changes in…
16 September 2016
The defense of the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) will be held in the Karaganda state medical university by Irina Kadyrova on the theme «Development of a mathematical…
16 September 2016
The defense of the thesis «Role of disturbance of physical and chemical parameters of erythrocytes in progression of chronic kidney disease» for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) scientific…
13 September 2016
Competition "Hello, we are looking for talentg!" will be heldat the Assembly hall of KSMU (40 Gogol street),on September17, 2016 at 10.00 a.m. This contest is the debut platform for…
Dear 6-year students of the specialty “General medicine”!
06 September 2016
A contest for participation in the internal academic mobility program at Astana Medical University. Number of places: 1. Requirements to the participants: GPA not less than 2.75; the…