Karaganda State Medical University
Medicine and Ecology
18 September 2018
Day of languages ​​of the people of Kazakhstan, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is celebrated every third Sunday in September. This day symbolizes unity, tolerance, consent of the people of Kazakhstan, mutual respect of traditions and cultures.
International exam IFOM for the first time in Kazakhstan! Dear teachers and students of KSMU!
18 September 2018
September 7, 2018 in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the first time passed the international exam IFOM (International Foundations of Medicine), created by the National Council of Medical Examiners USA (NBME). The purpose of the exam is to test knowledge for compliance with the advanced international standards of medical education.
"Hello, we are looking for talents"
18 September 2018
On September 15, the creative marathon "Hello, we are looking for talents" was held in the university. The marathon was held within the framework of the program "Rukhani Zhangyru" on the student's youth project "Saryarka Zhastary".
Training of the teaching staff of medical organizations of education
14 September 2018
On the 3-rd of September, 2018, on the basis of the Center for Transfer of Innovative Technologies there was started a training for medical organizations of education according to 005 budget program “Staff development and retraining of personnel of state health organizations” on modules “Advanced course of trainers of the medical organizations for education on the organization of simulation training”.
"While We Remember - We Live"
14 September 2018
In December 1979, The Soviet troops entered Afghanistan, in order to support friendly regime, and had intention to depart within a year. But good intentions of the Soviet Union turned into a long war. In 1987, one of the direct participants in this war was a second-year student of Karaganda State Medical Institute Marat Turganbekovich Kulmakhanov.
Visit of the Professor of the University of Otago (New Zealand) in framework of the academic mobility
13 September 2018
On the September 10, 2018, arrivedto KSMU clinical pharmacist, a representative of the Evidence-Based Network in New Zealand, editorial Director of Formulary and New Zealand Formulary for children in New Zealand, Professor of the School of Pharmacy of the University of Otago (New Zealand) David Woods. Professor will give lectures for residency students of all specialties at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Evidence Based Medicine until September 21.
Visit of the professor from Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
13 September 2018
Within the framework of academic mobility program Professor of Plovdiv Medical University Tanya Kitova visits the Karaganda State Medical University from September 10 to 21, 2018.
Жол ашар
11 September 2018
On September 9, the traditional quiz “Жолашар” in the framework of the "Rukhani zhangyru" program on the student's youth project "Saryarka Zhastary" was held at the KSMU.
19 September 2018
The defense of the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) of Kamyshanskiy Yevgeniy Konsyantinovich on the specialty 6D110100 - «Medicine» on the topic: "Diagnostic…
18 September 2018
Dear teachers, employees and veterans of the university! We sincerely congratulate you on the Teachers` Day and International Day of older persons! We will be glad to see you at the…
18 September 2018
On September 30, 2018 from 11:00 to 15:00 a cross-country race "Sary Arga TrailRun 2018" will take place near Kurminka village. All information is on the website: www.…
Dear students, residency program students, master’s program students, doctoral students, teaching staff!
18 September 2018
The Foreign Languages Department invites you to participate in the multilingual intellectual game dedicated to the Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan, which will be held on 21st…
Dear colleagues!
06 September 2018
On September 9, the annual action «Денсаулық сақтау фестивалі -2018» will take place at the square at the "House of Friendship" (South-East), at 10.00 a.m. We invite everyone to take…