Karaganda State Medical University
Medicine and Ecology
Day of Spiritual Harmony
21 October 2016
On 18 October, Department of Youth Affairs together with “INSIGHT” Debate club conducted a debate tournament dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Harmony.
Round-Table Meeting
21 October 2016
On 19 October, Youth Work Department together with “Namys” Debate club held at KSMU a round-table meeting titled “Interfaith harmony and religious tolerance as important factors of unity of people of Kazakhstan”.
“Laparoscopic reconstructive operations in colorectal surgery” master class
21 October 2016
Department of Surgical Diseases No. 1 of Karaganda State Medical University in celebration of 25th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized a master class titled “Laparoscopic reconstructive operations in colorectal surgery” according to educational program on the basis of Central Hospital in Temirtau on 13-14th of October 2016.
Results of Round 6
20 October 2016
On 15-16 October, the games of V – VI rounds of Football Championship of KSMU among the teams of dormitories were played at the Gym No. 2 (32 Erubaev Street). Current champion of KSMU “Lodgers 2” (Captain Bondarev Andrei) has suffered the first defeat in the tournament. Now only two teams without defeat “Lodgers 1” (Captain Sarsenbaev Kasym) and “Lodgers 4” (Captain Abdizhabbarov Shakhzod) remain in the championship.
Life, Most Precious Thing I Have
18 October 2016
On 10 October on the World Mental Health Day, Department of Elementary Psychology and Communication Skills together with Department of Psychiatry and Narcology, and with participation of 5-year students of specialty “General Medicine” held a festival of mental health at Auditorium No. 111 of KSMU corps located at 36 Gogol Street.
Old Age Deserves Respect
18 October 2016
On 1 October on International Day of Older Persons, by old tradition the employees of Department of Elementary Psychology and Communication Skills together with the ,students of 1 and 3 yearof training on discipline “Basics of psychological knowledge and communication skills”, “Basics of clinical psychology” decided to congratulate the patients of their clinical site, the branch of City Hospital No. 1.
On the 30th CODEX Alimentarius Commission session
14 October 2016
The jubilee 30th session of the CODEX Alimentarius Commission was held from 3 to 7 October, 2016 in Astana. CODEX Alimentarius is an international organization that coordinates work on the introduction and application of food standards.
Rugby Sport for Brave People
13 October 2016
Current champions of RK in North Central zone, players of Rugby Club of KSMU continue the season. Within another round of national competition that began on 1 October in Shakhtinsk, our team won a decisive victory: KSMU-Shakhtinsk 21:19, KSMU-National Guards 10:7, and ended in a draw KSMU-KSU 5:5.
21 October 2016
Defense of the dissertation work for a degree of the doctor of philosophy (PhD) of Zhumaliyeva Vera Alexandrovna on the subject "Pathogenetic Therapy of Neuropathic Chronic Pain in Cancer…
21 October 2016
The defense of the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) will be held in the Karaganda state medical university by Anel Beisenayeva on the theme « Morphological typing and…
Dear students!
21 October 2016
Karaganda State Medical University, Ministry of Science of “Samruk” Student Republic and Student Scientific Society, on World Science Day, invite you to participate in Interuniversity…
Dear students!
04 October 2016
We inform that the cloakroom is open and located in the new building (annex). Administration
Dear teachers and employees of the older generation!
27 September 2016
We sincerely congratulate you on the Teachers` Day and International Day of older persons! We will be glad to see you at the concert on September 30 at 15.00 at the Assembly hall (40…