Karaganda State Medical University
Medicine and Ecology
Interdisciplinary conference on the Emergency Medical Service.
20 June 2016
In the practical skills Center of KSMU was held an interdisciplinary conference entitled “Emergency assistance to the pregnant women with influenza complicated by infectious-toxic shock”. The 5th year students of 5-061, 5-062, 5-080, 5-083 groups of “General Medicine” are participated at this conference.
The first steps in science
20 June 2016
We are the students of the “Nursing care” specialty. Studying here, we receive good knowledge at the lessons and also take part in the nursing scientific club work. We have been the club participants for two years already. It gives us not only interesting and educational information, but also the possibility to participate in various conferences, symposia; share knowledge with the students of KSMU, as well as with those from other medical institutions of Kazakhstan and abroad.
Training in Barcelona
16 June 2016
Undergraduates 1 course of the specialty "Medical-preventive work" I. Beinikovа, G. Zhanalinа and J. Sailau and specialty "General Medicine" M. Bayekeevа, A. Koshanova, J. Nurtazinа, E. Ibadildinovym, N. Mahambetalievа, Sh. Kaunbekovа was carried out on a trip to the academic mobility of medical faculty of the University of Barcelona in Spain.
Day of Symbols on the department of history of the Kazakhstan and SPD.
16 June 2016
Attitude of citizens of country toward her symbols is an index that, as far as people feel themselves the citizens of this country, believe in her future, are her patriots. Nursultan Nazarbaev.
To the top of Aksoran.
15 June 2016
From 27th of May till 29th of May 2016 during the weekend was a trip of teachers of the department of history of Kazakhstan and SPD with students members of the history circle (of 14 people) to monuments of history the stone of the mausoleum Begazy (Northern Balkhash). Students (1st and 7th year) and teachers (B.B. Rysbekova, K.M. Sisengalieva) took part in a record of short video lectures dedicated to the Bronze Age on the territory of Kazakhstan (18th and 9th centuries BC).
Results for language courses 2015-2016
15 June 2016
In 2015-2016 language courses was conducted foe KSMU staff.
Awarding of employees of KSMU at the KDA Jubilee Conference in Almaty
14 June 2016
In Almaty in the Palace of Sports named after Baluan Sholak there was an XI International dental Conference “Modern technologies in dentistry” dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan dental Association.
Successful defense of the first graduates on specialty «Biology»
14 June 2016
Within the walls of KSMU at the first time was defended master's theses on Specialty 6M060700 - «Biology» (profile direction) on June 7, 2016.
22 June 2016
2014 жылдан бастап «Қазакстан Республикасы Әділет министрлігінің жаршысы» ақпараттық-талдау журналы (бұдан әрі - Журнал) жарыққа шығарылады. Журналдың құрылуының негізгі мақсаты -…
Dear students!
15 June 2016
A contest for the participation in internal academic mobility programs is open. Requirements to the participants: GPA not less than 2.75; the absence of academic arrears and penalties.…
Dear Colleagues!
14 June 2016
Dear Colleagues! We congratulate you with the professional holiday –Medical Worker’s Dayand invite you to the grand meeting,which will held on June 16, at 15.00 p.m.in the Assembly Hall…
Attention! Alumni Meeting of KSMU!
14 June 2016
Dear graduates! We invite you to the traditional meeting with graduates of KSMU, which will be held in the Assembly Hall (40 Gogol Street) on June 25, 2016 at 11.00. We are waiting for…
Dear 2 year- students of the specialty “General medicine”!
03 June 2016
There is a contest for an internship in the Orenburg State Medical University Available places: 10. Period: from June 28 to July 4. Requirements: GPA not less than 2.95. No…