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Generous holiday az-Nauryz
20 March 2019
On March 19, 2019, the school of nursing education held a festive event dedicated to Nauryz with the participation of students, SGC activists, curators, teachers and the Dean's office.
Наурыз мейрамы
20 March 2019
A concert «Наурыз мейрамы» was held at the Russian language department, dedicated to the spring awakening holiday. The event was attended by first year students. The students of the specialty “Technology of pharmaceutical production” Anuarova Nurai and Savridinov Otabek opened the concert. They told about the traditions of this wonderful, beloved holiday.
The holidays are coming!
19 March 2019
Nauryz Meyramy according to the Eastern calendar is the beginning of the New Year, which coincides with the day of spring equinox.
Championship goes to the finish line
19 March 2019
The games of the final stage began in the XVIII University Football Championship. At the end of the first half, all teams were divided into two groups: the first four teams are compete for places from 1 to 4, the remaining four from 5 to 8.
Meeting as a part of the program "Рухани жаңғыру"
19 March 2019
A round table "Great People of Our Land" as part of the program "Рухани жаңғыру " was held at the Russian Language Department.
Darts - for dear ladies
19 March 2019
On the basis of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport of Karaganda State University named after Buketova E. A are held competitions in bullet shooting among female students of higher educational institutions and colleges of Karaganda.
Baursak Fiesta
19 March 2019
Do you know when the baursak appeared and how it is made? The name itself comes from the Kazakh words "bauyrmasu, bauyrlasuga, bauyr”, which means "striving for unity, kinship, brother". Baursak is considered a traditional dish of the Kazakh nation. But the ingredients of dough differ depending on which area the recipe belongs to. It is for this reason on the eve of the Nauryz holiday, on March 16, the " Ақжүніс " women's club organized a competition "Бауырсақ FIESTA".
Spring mood
18 March 2019
The beginning of spring and the new impulse in the work - this is how I, the head of the public health department, Zhakenova Saule Rakhimzhanovna, characterize my working trip on academic mobility to the wonderful Tashkent State Dental Institute.
Good innovations
20 March 2019
In SSC of KMU have amended the service «Refund of the paid amount for tuition and recover the sum for living in the hostel." Now there is no need to provide the original receipt for…
The issuance of certificates from the place of study simplified In SSC
20 March 2019
The department of digitalization and process automation simplified the process to obtain a certificate from the place of study for students of Karaganda Medical University. "Now, to…
Dear University students and staff!
13 March 2019
Your children under 18 within the guaranteed amount of free medical assistance can receive dental care (consultation, therapeutical and surgical care) in the dental clinic of the…
07 March 2019
The Center of Practical Skills conducts training of practical health professionals applying for the assignment of medical qualification – high, 1 and 2 categories. Training on practical…
Dear friends!
06 March 2019
The Department of International Cooperation of the Karaganda Medical University informs about the program of the French summer school, organized by the Center of French as a Foreign…