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We invite you to the"Technical Creativity Club"

We invite you to the"Technical Creativity Club"

22 September 2017

The XXI century is called the century of new technologies not without reason. Today the new technologies skills is the obligatory condition for employability of beginner specialist in the labour market. Modern person does not imagine his life without a computer, telephone, internet, etc., but scientific and technological progress is increasingly implementing high technologies in all spheres of our life, including health care.

  Taking into account numerous appeals of the students the SR “Samruk” took the initiative to open “Technical creativity club” in KSMU. In the new circle, the students of the university could master the skills of proper operation and repair of various computer equipments, as well as sound equipment and installation under the leadership of a qualified specialist .

  Responsible position of the head of the circle was offered to the sound engineer of the Department of Youth Affairs D.Y.Lukyanov. As real technician, Dmitry Yurievich immediately evaluated the positive prospects of the opening of "Technical creativity club" both for students and for the university  and agreed to lead a new creative association.

  Therefore the friendly family of the creative teams of KSMU was added with one more perspective direction.

  Ministry of Communication and Information of

  Student Republic "Samruk", KSMU.   



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