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The Festival of Health

The Festival of Health

15 September 2017

Sports club of KSMU together with the Department of  Physical Education organized sport activities dedicated to the republican "The Festival of Health".

   "The Festival of Health" was started on Tuesday. Over 150 students under the guidance of teachers of the Department of Physical Education held a mass outdoor action "The Festival of sport ". The main aim of the action was the promotion of healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

          On Wednesday, the activists of S.R."Samruk" held a flash mob under the label "Students of KSMU for a healthy lifestyle!" in the courtyard of the Main Building. The participants of the action  urged all present to lead a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits .

          The square in front of the Main Building was more crowded than ever on Thursday. Over five hundred participants of "The festival of health" filled in orderly ranks the university area. The Head of the Sports club of KSMU F.A.Batirov congratulated everyone with the beginning of the school year and encouraged students to do sport . Then within twenty minutes  over 500 girls and boys performed physical exercises  under the leadership of Senior teacher of the Department of Physical Education R.B.Timershin. The mass event ended with an incredible disco.

          On Friday, “The Festival of Health” was continued with the University-wide "Physical  Pause".  Students and teachers of KSMU performed the set of exercises specifically designed by the group of the Department of Physical Education for the University employees .

         "The Festival of Health" ended on Saturday. The sports club of KSMU together with the Youth Work Department conducted the intellectual-sports game "Zhol Ashar" for the first-year students which was attended by 26 student teams.

                                                                                       Sport club of KSMU.                                  



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