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The modern approach to learning is the 3D designer of the pathology of the «Virhow»

The modern approach to learning is the 3D designer of the pathology of the «Virhow»

13 September 2017

Currently a modern unique computer program - the 3D designer of the pathology of «Virhov», created by the Kazakhstan company «SOMNIUM» is successfully used for the effective training of pathological anatomy on the Department of Pathological Anatomy. It is based on interactive modeling of diseases and syndromes. This is a three-dimensional simulator of the new generation, designed for both interactive self-training and under the supervision of the teacher and is designed to study courses of general and private pathological anatomy. The designer allows to model pathomorphological changes peculiar to various diseases and syndromes on interactive 3D models of organs. The designer functionally contains 11 modules, including 134 diseases and syndrome, 19 organs (153 micropreparations and 179 macropreparations) pathology of which can be modeled independently.

The program-designer allows to model morphological manifestations in three-dimensional space, to study complications and outcomes of various diseases, syndromes, to study pathological micro-preparations and macro-preparations. Undoubted advantages of this 3D designer are realistic visualization of pathological changes of human organs and a simple, convenient interface. The modeling of the disease / syndrome occurs in several stages. First, a disease / syndrome is selected from the module. Then, a three-dimensional model of the target organ is loaded, which can be rotated and examined in a section and on the surface. It is possible to modify the target organ at the macro level with the help of pathomorphological parameters. At the micro level, it is necessary to choose the right variant from the proposed photos of histological preparations, including basic and special colors. After modeling the disease / syndrome, a table of results with an analysis of the student's answers is displayed. «Virhov» helps to organize an effective educational process, to monitor the acquired knowledge of pathological anatomy, to raise their level, to develop a stable skill of recognition of pathological changes in organs and to increase the effectiveness of both practical and self-studies of students.


Associate Professor of the Department of Pathology

 Anatomy and Forensic Medicine, Ph.D.



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