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The Faculty of Advanced Training of doctors and secondary medical workers was founded on the basis of Karaganda State Medical Institute by the Order of the Ministry of Healthcare No. 356 dated on August 20, 1993.

M.D., Professor Shvetsov Aleksandr Georgievich was the first head of the department. He was awarded the title “Shock-Worker of Communist Labor”, the medal “Veteran of Labor” and the badge “Excellent Worker of Healthcare” for his high professionalism and active social work.

From 1997 to 2011, the Dean's Office, later the faculty, was headed by M.D., Professor Ospanova Kadisha Bazarbaevna. For her great contribution to development of the national healthcare and hard work for the benefit of the health of Kazakhstan people, she was awarded the badge “ҚазақстанРеспубликасыденсаулықсақтауісініңүздігі”, the medals “Еренеңбегіүшін” and “10 жылАстана”, and the badge “АлтынДәрігер”.

From 2006 to August 2013, Associate Professor Assenova Lyazzat Hasenovna was working as the vice-dean, then as the dean of the faculty.

Since 2012, the Department has been supervised by the Vice-Rector for Clinical Work and Continuing Professional Development, M.D., Professor Kosherova Bakhyt Nurgalievna. She was awarded the honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science, the badges “Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and “Қазақстан Республикасы денсаулық сақтау iciнің үздігіне”, and the jubilee medal “Қазақстан Республикасының тәуелсіздігіне 20 жыл”.

From September 2013 to October 2014, the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Continuing Professional Development was headed by Associate Professor Omarkulov Bauyrzhan Kadenovich.

Since November 2014, the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Continuing Professional Development has been headed by the Candidate of Medical Sciences, acting Professor Assenova Lyazzat Hasenovna, who was awarded the title “Қазақстан Республикасы денсаулық сақтау ісінің үздігіне”.

The origin of the faculty establishment was put by the outstanding persons, who were the source of pride of the faculty and made a priceless contribution to its creation and development: the famous scientists, leading experts in the field of medicine, doctors of medical sciences, professors Ospanova K.B., Musulmanbekov K.Zh., Alikhanova K.A., Umbetalina N.S., Sheveleva N.I., Bukenov A.M., Kenzhebayeva K.A., Begaydarova R.Kh., Sraubayev E.M, Terekhin S.P., Omarova R.A., Alimkhanova R.S., and the Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Dyusembaeva T.K.

Currently, at the department work the candidates and doctors of sciences, doctors of the first and higher categoriesAsenova L.Kh., Kulov D.B., Abeuova B.A., Turgunova L.G., Abdullabekova R.M.,Abugaliyeva T.O., Zhakipbekova V.A., Omarkulov B.K., Abilkasimov E.A., Magzumov G.K.,  Kurashev A.G., Erzhanov O.N., Askarov M.S., Abatov N.T., Gasalieva M.A., Ibraev S.A., Gazizov O.M., Kuzgibekova A.B., Eremicheva G.G., Babenko M.B., Tursynov N.I., Kenzhebayeva K.A., Ospanova K.S., Igimbaeva G.T., Abdrakhmanova E.A., Romashchenko T.I., Dikanbaeva Sh.E., Zhusupova A.M., Baesheva T.A., Trebukhina O.I., Tyl L.V., Sergaliev T.S., Syzdykov M.M., Aysanov B.T.

The history of the faculty creation is closely connected with the history of the country. Due to the introduction of new standards of additional medical education and the concept of continuing education, in 2004 the Faculty of Advanced Training of doctors and secondary medical workers was renamed as the Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Continuing Professional Development (FPE and CPD).

For further improvement of the faculty work, in 2005 were founded 6 departments within the FPE and CPD: internal medicine; family medicine and outpatient therapy; pediatrics; hygiene, social medicine and public healthcare organization; dentistry; surgery and oncology. In 2006, the Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Continuing Professional Development was reorganized into the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Continuing Professional Development.

Due to the introduction of new national standards of additional education of Kazakhstan, in January 2010, the Faculty was renamed as the Faculty of Continuing Professional Development. The Faculty of Continuing Professional Development provides training of senior and middle specialists under the programs of advanced training and retraining, enhancement of pedagogical qualification of academic and teaching staff of medical universities and colleges, training in the residency and obtaining a master's degree (scientific and pedagogical direction - 2 years, profile direction - 1 and 1.5 year), doctoral studies, and training of paramedics.

The Faculty of Continuing Professional Development includes seven departments, providing training on 52 specialties to the specialists with higher medical and pharmaceutical education, on 4 specialties of the doctoral studies, 7 specialties of the master course, 29 specialties of the residency.

Within the framework of integration of scientific, educational and practical activities, there were created conditions to involve specialists into research work and broadening the area of interaction with the Faculty of Continuing Professional Development.

The clinical sites of the Faculty are the following: Medical Center of KSMU, CSE “Regional Cardiac Surgery Center”, CSE “Regional Oncologic Dispensary”, CSE “Regional Clinical Hospital”, CSE “Regional Hospital for Infectious Diseases”, CSE “Polyclinic No. 3”, CSE “Regional Perinatal Center of Karaganda”, CSE “Regional Psycho-Neurological Dispensary”, “Regional Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after Professor H.Zh. Makazhanov”, Regional Children's Hospital, Dental Clinic of KSMU, CSE “Regional Maxillofacial Hospital”, CSE on REM “Regional Medical Center”, CSE “Regional Antitubercular Dispensary”, CSE “Regional Dermatovenerologic Dispensary”, CSE “Regional Children's Psycho-Neurological Dispensary”, CSE “City Children's Hospital”, LLC “Gippokrat” Medical Company, CSE “Regional First-Aid Station”. If necessary, there are available other curative and preventive institutions in the region.

Every year at the faculty take place the retraining and advanced training of more than 2.000 thousand of specialists with higher and secondary medical education, social workers and paramedics from different regions of the Republic (Karaganda, Kostanay, North Kazakhstan, Akmola, East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan, Almaty, Pavlodar regions and Astana).

In 2014 KSMU passed the institutional and specialized accreditation of the Independent Kazakh Quality Assurance Agency for Education (IQAA) on the following educational programs of the master course: 6М110100 - Medicine, 6М110200 – Public Health, 6M110500 – Medical and Preventive Care; residency: 6R114200 – Pediatrics, 6R114300 – Neonatology, 6R111300 – Infectious Diseases, Including Children's, 6R112500 – Clinical Pharmacology, 6R111500 – Neuropathology, Including Children's, 6R113900 – Pathological Anatomy, Including Children’s, 6R113400 – Oncology, Including Children's.

In 2014 in the Independent rating of universities of Kazakhstan in directions and levels of training of health professionals and specialists of social service, KSMU took the following places:

Specialties of master course:

6М110100 – Medicine – 1st place.

6М110200 – Public Health – 2nd place.

6M110500 – Medical and Preventive Care – 3rd place.

Specialties of PhD course:

6D110100 – Medicine – 1 place.

The main goal of the Faculty of Continuing Professional Development is implementation of the programs of postgraduate and additional education and provision of health care system with highly qualified personnel, skilled in modern methods and technologies in health care, and introduction of new forms and methods of training.

The main objectives of the faculty are the following:

Ø Organization, planning, provision and control of educational process for additional education of specialists with medical and pharmaceutical education.

Ø Organization, planning, provision and control of educational process in the residency, master course and doctoral studies.

Ø Organization of events, aimed at improvement of quality of provided services and satisfactoriness of specialists of practical healthcare and institutions of education and science.

Ø Organization of introduction into educational process of new educational programs in accordance with the achievements of science and needs of practical healthcare.

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