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Patent Department

The legal and regulatorydocumentation:

-Patent Law of RK  http://kazpatent.kz/acts/law/patent_law.htm


-Law of RK  About copyright and neighboring rights http://kazpatent.kz/acts/law/ob_avtor_smezh_rus.html

- Instructions on taking up and  setting up of applications for invention patent issuing http://kazpatent.kz/index.php/ru/law/guidelines/rules

-Instructions about State Registration of Rights to works protected by copyright and neighboring rightshttp://www.intellkaz.kz/index.php/ru/pravovaya-baza/zakonodatelstvo-rk-v-oblasti-is

Set ofdocuments required for filing invention application for patent issue:

- application for granting of  patent  with indication of author of discovery and name of persons for whom title of protection is requested; http://kazpatent.kz/index.php/ru/law/guidelines/strandards

-  copy of legal person registration certificate;

- description of invention disclosing it fully enough to implement ;

- formula of invention disclosing gist and fully based on description;

- drawing and other materials necessary for invention gist understanding;

-  abridgement

-  letter of attorney if the procedures is conducted through representative;

-  document confirmed patent fees payment.

Payment details: http://kazpatent.kz/index.php/ru/law/guidelines/tariffs

Set of documents necessary for state registration of intellect property objects:

- object on paper or electronic form;

- application;

- copies of identity cards;

- document confirms state fee payment

Payment details:http://www.intellkaz.kz/index.php/ru/for-applicatons/spravochnaya-informatsiya/589-stavki-sbora-za-gosudarstvennuyu-registratsiyu-prav-na-proizvedeniya-i-ob-ekty-smezhnykh-prav

Contact details: Gogol Str. 40 Patent Department 

Expert-patent specialist Chichkanova Anastasiya Nikolaevna  tel.: 50 39 30 (1287)